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I Want To Shake The Hand Of Whichever "Bachelor In Paradise" Editor Put Together This Masterpiece Last Night



Greatest sequence in the history of television last night on Bachelor In Paradise. Not just the greatest sequence in reality television history. All television. If you don’t watch the show I should give you the back story but I won’t. You don’t need it. You have eyes. Those two people hopped into bed and started fucking. But it’s on ABC so they can’t show them fucking. So what do they do? They bring in the best editor in the game. I don’t know his or her name but they are the Picasso of TV editing. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise and have the best edit cuts. I almost wept from its beauty when the train went into the tunnel. Flowers blooming. Fountains exploding. Fireworks. All perfect. I wasn’t even crying from laughter. I was crying like those people who see a piece of art that moves them. That kind of crying. Bravo, anonymous TV editor. You changed lives last night.