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Rudy Giuliani Says There Were No Successful Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks In The United States Before Obama

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Poor Rudy’s just on the way out now. On the way down. On the back nine/19th hole. I mean this guy isn’t even close these days, right? What in the literal fuck kinda comment was this? No one can give me the “everybody’s taking it out of context” line either. Dude’s standing on stage giving a speech. Prolly reading a teleprompter. He’s either permanently out to lunch or somebody Ron Burgundy’d his ass.

Either way, tough one for Rudy. Hard to even laugh at cuz 9/11. Just tough. America’s mayor now becoming America’s memory loss. Like watching Seinfeld’s hair recede or a Kardashian grow morals before our very eyes. Sad! End of an era. Rudy was one of the good guys: Divorced twice, married thrice, was a Democrat then an Independent then a Republican. Took on the entire mafia and somehow survived to campaign on it. A good American indeed. We’re gonna miss ya Rudy.