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Odell Beckham Jr. Turned Down A Spot On "Dancing With The Stars" Because Of The Haters

From yesterday’s Mike Francesa interview with Odell Beckham:

“Dancing With The Stars was an opportunity to do. And it was like, I really, I would love to do it but I don’t to do that, right, and have them [critics] ready for the excuse to, if anything were to happen this season, ‘Ohhhh he’s too focused what he’s doing in the outside world. And his fame. Whatever fame means. I had Fame tatted on me my freshman year in college. ‘Forgive All My Enemies or Forget All My Enemies’. Either way it goes.”

What a goddamn shame. I hope all the critics and haters are happy for making Odell Beckham bail on Dancing With The Stars. It’s like Leonardo da Vinci deciding not to invent things because it would take away from his time as a painter. Or telling Michaelangelo he shouldn’t paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel because he needs to focus on sculpting a statue. Odell Beckham is so much more than one of the best football players on the goddamn planet. Dude is a trendsetter with that haircut while also being the best dancer in the universe. Sure he doesn’t have a trophy from beating a bunch of D-list celebrities in a contest. But look at the other current and former NFL players that were on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Antonio Brown:


Von Miller:

Decent technique I suppose

Doug Flutie:

Okay, that was sexy

But none of them touch these moves.

If Odell went on ABC, put everyone on the dance floor in a body bag, and then dropped even one pass this season, all the critics would be picking him apart like assholes. People actually give him shit for making one-handed catches and for his team not making the playoffs once during his TWO YEAR CAREER, like he is the one that rolls out the red carpet for the opponent when the Giants are on defense. Fucking haters, man. I may get a F.A.M.E. tattoo myself to support Odell, except mine would stand for Fuck All My Enemies (not literally though, that would be weird and gross).

P.S. Mike Francesa disappearing for weeks at a time and then reappearing out of the blue during Giants training camp while also trying to touch on the laundry list of stories he missed during his endless summer vacation is always hilarious.