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Tiger Saves A Zookeeper At The Last Second From Becoming A Leopard's Dinner



First, what that tiger did is the nicest gesture I’ve ever seen. Betraying the animal kingdom and protecting a human deserves major props. Second, that zookeeper needs to shoot that leopard in the face with a shotgun in front of all the other animals. Make them watch. Duct tape their eyes open and shoot that leopard square in the face. Maybe the leopard was being serious and wanted to eat him alive. Maybe the leopard was just joking around and was gonna play rough house with the zookeeper. Doesn’t matter. Gotta shoot him in the face. There can be no blurred lines about who runs shit at the zoo. One day a leopard “jokingly” attacks the zookeeper then before he knows it he’ll have a full blown coup on his hands and will get eaten alive by his animal “friends”. Send a message. Bring out the shotgun and show them what happens when they misbehave. Oh and give the tiger a billions treats. That behavior needs to be encouraged as much as the leopard’s behavior is discouraged (with a shotgun).