Charlotte McKinney Is Now Dating And Flopping Around On The Beach With The Coward Scott Eastwood




TMZ – Charlotte McKinney swaps beaches like she swaps boyfriends.

The Carl’s Jr. model used to be a Malibu regular, but that was when she was dating Stephen Dorff, who has a beach house there.

She’s been hangin’ lately with Scott Eastwood. Not a bad rebound.


Just a week after The Rock-Vin Diesel feud which led to me to figure out that I kinda don’t like Scott Eastwood for no real reason, I keep getting more and more reasons to actually dislike him. It’s all speculative but after that Fast 8 blog, I got no less than five DMs from people saying that Scott Eastwood actually is a dick, he turned down a photo with some dude’s mom, he was an asshole to everyone on some set, but still all of that’s hearsay. But this getting to date Charlotte McKinney…this is bullshit. Like sure it makes sense that she would date the rich child of a famous actor who’s in all these blockbuster movies given that he also looks like this:



But jesus how many breaks does one dude need? If Scott Eastwood were the second coming of his dad and his camera presence were smoldering and undeniable I’d say “Fuck it, more power to him.” But the dude just kinda is there offering nothing of value besides knock-off Liam Hemsworth/Chris Evans good looks and interviews padded with corny jokes and humblebrags on top of humblebrags. JJ Watt’s Twitter is subtle social media comedic genius compared to this shit from Scott Eastwood:


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.12.53 AM


And to top it all off, he even unironically likes Jaden Smith:



Just fuckin nothing but a famous name and chiseled jaw and he’ll probably be in every movie for the next ten years. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s a great dude, and his performances are all wildly underrated, but he’ll have to live with the fact that he’s now on my Guys I Officially Do Not Like List. I hope Charlotte McKinney’s flawless titties and ass help you sleep at night with that knowledge, Eastwood. You’ve made a powerful Twitter verified enemy today, my friend.