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Air Force Just Showed Off Fire Helmets That Will Be Going America All Over Georgia State's Ass

Look I feel bad for Georgia State. They have to take the field against these beauties. I mean it’s hard enough to cheer against Army, Navy or Air Force unless you went there. Good luck cheering against Air Force wearing these sharktooth helmets.

So what are these exactly? Well here you go:

The 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, which included of U.S. military pilots from the Marines, Navy and Army Air Corps, was nicknamed the “Flying Tigers.” The group’s sharktooth design on the nose of the fighter plane (a Curtis P-40) is recognizable as a symbol of the country’s involvement in World War II and a tribute to the brave Americans that fought alongside the Chinese as members of their military. 

Yeah these are a 100 out of 10. I’m currently putting all my money on Air Force on September 10th because there’s no way Georgia State stops the triple option in these bad boys. It’s simple America always wins.