Finally: Lil Romeo Ends His Beef With Lil Bow Wow After All These Years

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romeomiller: Dear young Superstar, as kids we should’ve worked together, we should’ve toured together, we should’ve made movies together. The funny thing is, I never looked at Bow as competition. The world made it that way. When he was 14 I was only 11. From them late nights of us and @chrisbrownofficial hooping at UCLA (Fyi I bust everybody ass ha), to my teen dance parties, he was there. What the WORLD doesn’t know is that … Once upon a time, Bow was like my big lil bro. Although we had different views, he inspired me as a kid. Sadly this generation only cares about now, and oddly laughs at history. My pops always taught me to give people their roses while they could still smell them. Just some facts about the Lil Romeo x Lil Bow Wow saga for the fans. #tbt #wordswithrome



Phew. Thank god. The hip hop beef that has been on everyone’s mind is finally over. The bloody and violent beef between two totally current and totally relevant rappers has finally come to an end. I’m guessing Lil Romeo decided to extend the olive branch after Lil Bow Wow shockingly retired from the game a couple weeks ago. Life is bigger than rap and the son of Master P decided to be the bigger man and end the madness. What are people gonna write about now? What is the conversation around the water cooler gonna be now that the great hip hop beef of our generation has concluded? That’s my only question. This beef provided so much material that people are just gonna have to find something new to talk about I guess. Shout to to Lil Romeo for burying the hatchet. That couldn’t have been easy seeing just how heated their feud has been recently.



Lil Romeo’s episode of MTV Cribs was one of my favorites. Just a 12-year-old kid with his own studio, movie theater, pool and a custom made Mercedes. Casual.




This song still bumps