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Hotch Got Fired From Criminal Minds

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(THR)Thomas Gibson’s time on CBS’ Criminal Minds has come to an end. “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds. Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date,” producers ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios said in a statement. The dismissal follows news that the actor — who had been on the veteran procedural since its start — kicked a writer on-set. As of Thursday, Gibson was facing a two-episode suspension following the incident. His character was to be written out of both episodes with that now turning into being written out of the series on which he has starred for 11 seasons.




Hotch? They fired Hotch?! How the fuck you gonna fire the guy who keeps the team together? I haven’t watched Criminal Minds in like five seasons, but I used to fucking love that show and I can tell you that Aaron Hotchner is as important a guy there is. He’s the Bill Belichick of the BAU. He’s stern, steadfast, not much for the jokes, and hates dealing with anyone outside of his guys. You can’t just get rid of a guy like that. So he kicked a writer, big fucking deal. Those guys are little dorks, he’s the talent. If Thomas Gibson kicks a writer then that writer should be fired for scuffing his shoe. Criminal Minds without Hotch…. preposterous!


Although I thought the same thing when they got rid of Gideon after season 2 and it seems like the show’s done OK since then. But don’t you dare, don’t you DARE, ever try and fire Spencer or Morgan.



PS – The scene when Hotch is on the phone with his wife while she’s about to get murdered by The Boston Reaper was so fucking sad. I still think about that sometimes. Awesome acting from everyone and a bruuuutal scene to watch.



Update: I guess Morgan already was written off the show. Whatever. Like I said, I haven’t watched in years. Still bullshit.