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Sitting In Front Of Your Own Ad On The Long Island Railroad Is Such A Power Move I Have To Respect It

For those that haven’t seen the subway ad, this is what it says:


MTA Penguin commuter guy has some set of balls (that’s him, right?). I mean I guess we knew that since he willingly allowed the MTA to plaster his face on all those posters where he shits on them. When I saw his face, I immediately hated him. Not just for snitching but for having such a punchable face and a name ending with 2 g’s. The likelihood of a Greg being a snitch increases tenfold if his name ends with 2 g’s. That’s just science.

However sitting in front of the poster is such a baller move. Maybe someone recognizes Gregg and asks to take a picture with him. Maybe a boozed up Long Island MILF wants to jump his bones because he is an F- commuting celebrity. Or at the very least it gives Gregg T. a home run of an opening line.

And it’s not like the train conductors can spit in your food like a waiter. What are they going to do, not punch your ticket? I can’t even imagine how many chicks Dr. Zizmor got thanks to his ad. All-time legend of the game. Hope he’s enjoying retirement, even though I’m sure he misses the spoils of that MTA ad life.

Then again, I imagine Gregg T. parks his ass wherever he can find a comfortable seat on the train with nobody sitting next to him. As someone living that big boy life, I feel you Gregg. Man purse European hand bag and all.

h/t Mike Giannone for capturing this gem