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No, This Is Not The Actual Iowa State Fair Logo Even Though I Kinda Wish It Was



So I’ve seen this logo floating around the internet today. People trying to pass off a set of cock and balls as the official logo of the infamous Iowa State Fair. Well I’ve made a few calls, did my journalism due diligence and can confirm that it is not the Iowa State Fair logo. Probably just a prank started by some dirty rotten kids on the interwebz. You think the Iowa State Fair needs a phallic logo to go viral in order to get people to attend? No sir. The ISF has games, rides, booze and every piece of fried food you could imagine and then some. We don’t need some cock and balls gimmick. People come from far and wide to eat deep friend Oreos and pay homage to a cow made entirely out of butter. Whoever made that logo is trying to make a mockery of the Iowa State Fair and I won’t have it.



PS- I kinda wish that was the logo though. It’d be funny. The type of people who attend the ISF (my people, I love them) would happily walk around with a giant dick on their shirts. Maybe there should be a vote to make it the official logo. I’m torn.