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We Need More Truth In Our Olympics Announcing, Like Saying a 14 Year Old Swimmer "Died Like A Pig"

Oh come on, people are really mad about this? Give me a break. Who cares that she’s 14? You’re at the Olympics, age is all the same, everyone is on the same level. If the 14 year old didn’t want to be compared to a dead pig, she shouldn’t have shit the bed like that. Can’t go out like a stink if you don’t want to be killed for it.

Now obviously it was a hot mic and was never supposed to be heard by anyone, but we clearly need more of this in our broadcasting. Start calling Chad Le Clos a pussy on the air. Call that Russian smoke swimmer a bad bitch. And when a Chinese girl messes up let us know she’s going to be part of the General Tsos lunch special at Lucky China Inn next week.

But of course they apologized instead

Kind of a funny apology though. “We still think she was a dead pig in the water, we stand by that assessment”. And no chance Byron is sorry. That was the most truthful swimming analysis I’ve ever heard.