Gregg Popovich And Killa Cam - The Greatest Duo of All Time

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Either you’re slangin crack rock or you gotta a wicked jumpshot! Or youre Camron and you got both. Camron could straight up ball. I think he was a 25 high school player. Mase could hoop too. In 1992 Cam and Mase’s high school team beat Stephon Marbury in the playoffs. Wild huh? Maybe Cam coulda been something on the hardwood if he put his mind to it. Turns out he’d rather sell drugs, spit bars, and rock pink mink everywhere he goes. Cant say I really blame him.

Never in one million years would I expect this duo to end up on social media but here we are. Just incredible. I’d pay top dollar to hear Gregg Popovich be like “Killa!” and spit some Camron bars. The cream still stackin if the fiends still crackin!