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The National Post Just Released The Famous Rob Ford Crack Video


(Source) It’s finally here: The full Rob Ford drug video.

The infamous but little-seen footage of the late Toronto mayor smoking crack was finally released Thursday, after an extortion case over the clip was dropped.

The video is even more damning than expected, showing the former mayor and a friend making fun of minorities and trashtalking Justin Trudeau — the son of a former Canadian prime minister, who last year became prime minister himself.

The video, which came to public attention in 2013, shows the one-time mayor of Canada’s largest city lighting up while talking to his friend Fabio Basso, who remains off camera.




This is kind of fucked up man. I’m all for journalism and seeking the truth, I didn’t go to journalism school for nothing after all, but the guy died from Cancer. He’s not an active govt member, I understand he denied this when alive but there is nothing left to expose as far as I’m concerned. You’re basically further tarnishing a dead guy’s legacy. Maybe I’m in the minority, maybe I’m not seeing the big picture, I can admit that I may be too simplistic here, but releasing a video after someone dies of Cancer just feels cheap to me.