SportsDigita Wins Da Beauty League Championship, First Ever To Hoist The John Scott Cup


In case you missed it, we first caught wind of Da Beauty League about 2 months ago. As a quick refresher, DBL is essentially a fantasy beer league. 4v4 hockey featuring some of the best talent American hockey has to offer. That was actually the greatest thing about Da Beauty League. It was a No Canadians Allowed league. Just a bunch of good ol’ American boys saucing around up in Edina, Minnesota. And after a long, grueling season, the first ever John Scott Cup was handed out last night to the boys of SportsDigita. Let’s take a look at how they got it done.

Dusty Buff got things going last night and now to the question that we’re all wondering; how many Bud heavies do we think he crushed after the game? I know that Byfuglien seems more like a Labatt guy but remember, this tournament was Americans only. My guess is that he polished off a 12 rack before even leaving the locker room. Nobody exemplifies the Beer League lifestyle quite as much as Byfuglien does. Just a big chubby dude who loves to rip clappers from anywhere and throw the body around. He’s not here to be the most in shape. He’s not out there to be the prettiest guy on the ice. Just keeps his game nice and gritty, the way it should be. Just hope nobody wore a track suit to the rink on his watch.


SportsDigita went up 6-1 before the end of the 2nd half. But the fans paid to see an exciting game. They paid to watch some great back-and-forth beer league action. Nobody likes a blowout so once the 2nd half started, Team RBC came flying out of the gate to keep the game close.

Not exactly sure what the puck line was for this game but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that Vegas was behind this mini comeback from RBC. However, the comeback was short lived once SportsDigita quit trying to pick out all the smokes in the crowd and started to focus on the game again.

Hey Reemer…

Drew Stafford had 2 goals on the night. JvR had 2 goals on the night. TvR potted himself a goal as well and SportsDigita ended up winning 10-5. Crown the Kings.


Some more observations from around the league:


– I know that people have their differing opinions on John Scott and sure, he is an asshole for some of the injuries he has caused in the game. But how can you not love this guy? Just look at this pic from the ceremonial puck drop at the semi-final games Tuesday. Definition of a beauty.


– Best jerseys go to Team Aspire.


With Team Tradition close behind in 2nd.


– Here’s David Backes wearing Team USA gear instead of Bruins equipment. Hmmmmmmm. Is there already trouble in paradise? Sure seems that way…


Like I said before, we really dropped the ball by not sponsoring a team this year. But good news? There’s always next year. Time to break out that Chernin Checkbook.