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How Stupid Is This Animal Rights Activist Who Tried To Rush The Stage At A Hillary Rally After What Happened Yesterday?








Just when you think animal rights activists can’t get any dumber. They go and do something like this. Bruh. Pick a worst day to rush the stage at a Hillary rally. You literally can’t. Just one day after Trump kinda-sorta-definitely implied that someone should assassinate Hillary Clinton, this dude tries to rush the stage at a Hillary rally. It’s a goddamn miracle those Secret Service dudes didn’t snap his neck as soon as the guy even looked at the stage. Imagine how keyed up and paranoid those agents must’ve been today. In their minds, some whack job might take Trump’s comments to heart and try something stupid. So they’re ready to GO and here comes Mr. Animal Rights bounding up onto stage like it’s a normal day for a normal protest. Mercy. I’m guessing those guys who dragged him off stage took a few extra shots at him once they got away from the cameras.