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This USA Basketball/Chance The Rapper Nike Commercial Is Hot Fire


How lucky are we that Nike isn’t in the propaganda business? Or at least in the political propaganda business? It’s definitely some version of propaganda but it’s mostly an effort to push sneakers and not sell us on a dictator or some shit. We’d all be brain washed after a single two-minute commercial if the Nike marketing staff took over for a political figure. Nobody does it better than them and it’s not even remotely close. I can’t think of a single Adidas or Under Armour or Reebok commercial that had a impact on me/gave me goosebumps/was memorable. I’m sure there are a few but I could name 10 Nike commercials off the top of my head. Most of them Tiger Woods golf commercials which didn’t end all that great but that’s not the point.

Same goes for that Chance The Rapper/USA Basketball commercial. Shit was dooooooooope and I’m not even sure what they’re selling. I just know I enjoyed myself. I’m sure it’s visual are now lodged somewhere in my subconscious and 6 months from now my coset will be nothing but Nike USA Basketball gear and I won’t even know what happened.