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The Trump Effect: Radio Ad Criticizes Paralyzed Candidate For Not "Standing Up" To Opponent

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HP - A last-minute radio ad in a Wisconsin Assembly district goes after a candidate for not “standing up” to Gov. Scott Walker (R). That candidate, Jimmy Anderson, is paralyzed from the chest down. Anderson, a 29-year-old Democrat, is one of three candidates running for the open seat in the 47th District in Tuesday’s election. The Construction Trades Coalition is behind the questionable ad, which also refers to giving Walker “walking papers”:

When it comes to Scott Walker, Jimmy Anderson likes to talk tough. But to take on the governor, we need more than talk. When it came time to sign the recall petition, Jimmy Anderson didn’t sign, refusing to give Walker his walking papers. Just last month, he accepted a maxed-out campaign contribution from Walker’s personal defense attorney. He may claim to be the strongest progressive in the race, but voters can’t trust Jimmy Anderson to stand up to Scott Walker.

Look it’s fucked up and I know we’re not supposed to laugh at this, but it’s pretty funny. Straight up mocking a political opponent for being in a wheelchair is so low, so cold blooded, that it’s past the point of “offensive”, and just kinda funny that they’d go there. I’m picturing a bunch of old white guys in a room together, coming up with this, and high fiving each other like “Yeah, that’ll show him! He can’t even walk!”. Classic politics. They saw Trump built his entire campaign around calling Rubio’s wife a pig, making fun of Cruz’s height, stuffing Jeb Bush into a locker, etc. So who is to say a little jab at a paralyzed candidate is crossing the line? Oh..

In 2010, a drunk driver hit the car Anderson was in. He lost his parents, his brother and the ability to move most of his body. His subsequent experience battling insurance companies and working to help victims of drunk driving pushed him to run for office.

Anderson told The Capital Times that the reason he didn’t sign the petition to recall Walker in 2012 was because he hadn’t yet regained his ability to write after the crash. He called the ad “offensive.”


Jimmy Anderson does seem to have a good sense of humor though, as his slogan is “I Sit With Jimmy”

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Good for him for taking the high road and continuing his campaign. It’s probably not easy to speak in front of crowds, but so far everyone has been a really great audience.