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Stephen A. Smith Went Full "Stephen A. Smith" During His Rant About Tim Tebow Playing Baseball


That feeling when you realize that you are human props for another man’s TV show

This is the first time I’ve actually worried about Stephen A. Smith’s mental well-being. Not only did he go looney toons on this take by ranting and raving like an absolute maniac, which is obviously nothing new. But he seemed to take some extra pleasure in this, probably because he still broken hearted that his Tebow-loving ex-cohost left him for a pile of cash at FS1. This is like when a girl sees her ex-boyfriend at a bar and immediately starts dancing extra slutty while hammering shots of tequila by the dozen. And that usually doesn’t end well.

However, I did appreciate how Stephen A. summoned Tim Kurkjian’s voice cracks to give the whole segment an authentic baseball feel. I don’t know if Tim Tebow will make it as a Major Leaguer (okay, like a 99.9999% he doesn’t). But I do know the closer he gets to the Big Leagues, the closer Stephen A. Smith comes to losing him mind and walking away from TV altogether. Just another reason to root for Tim Tebow to perform yet another miracle.