Former Mississippi State RB Goes Off On Coach Dan Mullen On Twitter For Calling The Cops On Him For Trespassing (Dan Mullen Didn't Call The Cops On Him)

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STARKVILLEFormer Mississippi State running back Josh Robinson was cited for trespassing at the school’s football complex on Tuesday night, according to Robinson’s Snap Chat account.

The former Bulldog also took to Twitter to announce what he claims happened at the Seal Complex that ended with police escorting him off the premises.

Robinson says he was training at the complex before he was asked to leave by police. He claims Dan Mullen called the police.

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Always the #1 thing I do before going on a Twitter rant accusing someone of calling the cops on me and burning every bridge I’ve built at a school – make sure that person actually did something.

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Robinson taped himself in a Snap Chat story outside the football complex with police officers walking around him.

The former running back says into the camera, “Coach Knox bring your tail out here right now. Right now.” Greg Knox is Mississippi State’s running back coach.

In the next snap, Robinson blames coach Dan Mullen for the citation, “Coach Mullen called the police on me.”

In the final snap, Robinson expresses his surprise at the citation, saying, “Wow Mississippi State. Wow Dan Mullen. Call the police on me for trespassing. For getting better.”


A source within the athletic department said a track coach called because Robinson’s car was on the track.

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Mullen denied the accusations as well to The Clarion-Ledger. When asked if he was responsible, the head coach responded via text, “Don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

When debriefed of the situation, Mullen said, “Ok. Well, that didn’t happen.”

Hilarious. Dude you parked your car at a track in the middle of the night when you weren’t supposed to. Somebody reported it and the cops gave you a citation. That’s how rules work my man. And I can guarantee you Dan Mullen has a lot bigger things to worry about than you running circles around a track at 9:30 PM.