Beyonce Casually Wore A Designer Dress While Jet Skiing

This is such a wild move that I have no choice but to respect it. Mainly because my simple peasant mind can’t even fathom the kind of money Bey and Jay are dealing with. You don’t change into swimming clothes when you are worth more than $1 billion combined and have a legion of fans that treat you like a fucking God. I imagine the life cycle for every outfit in this family is pop the tags, put it on, and then throw it out before you go to bed. Hell, if Beyonce runs out of toilet paper but her purse is in the bathroom, she probably starts wiping with 100s. And we can all agree the Hova family wears a new pair of full body pajamas to bed like a sitcom family every night, right?

Also tough look for the Jiggaman rocking the helmet as he jet skis. Michael Jordan caught shit for the same thing and MJ is worth more almost twice as much Jay while also never rhyming about any of stuff Hova did back in the day. And while I would like to say something about Beyonce’s helmet appearing to be on backwards, I know I would end up “disappearing” in the middle of the night because of some crazy Bey Hive lunatic.