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Twin Artists Painted Some Scenes From The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

I know that art and Barstool are sometimes like oil and water, especially when people sell a painting that looks like it was made by a 6-year-old for $10 million or some shit. But make no mistake about it. These paintings are legit pop culture art. Kim Kardashian is our modern day Marilyn Monroe, with Ray J’s dick acting as the Campbell’s Soup can. Which I guess makes these annoying as fuck twin chicks the 2016 version of that weirdo Andy Warhol.

That sex tape has probably done more for pop culture than any other moment in the last decade. It proved you don’t need to be especially talented or interesting to become famous. You just need a ruthless mom and a few dominos to fall your way. Kris Jenner was Denzel Washington in Training Day the way she set all of this up. You could even convince me she was the one that got Paris Hilton’s sex tape to leak, just because Paris and Kim were friends. Paris is basically Roger from Training day.

And anyone who says this is porn can kick rocks. It’s almost impossible to rub one out to the Kim K sex tape. If there was a painting about the Lela Star POV video however, then we can talk about porn. #GOAT.

As for the artists, those twins did not help the “all twins are weird and probably have at the very least kissed on the mouth” stigma. Holy moly. I thought the finishing each others sentences and boobs painting was weird. But the strawberries in the ass painting, that was taken by their mom no less, meant that these two are officially on another planet. Now this is how all twins act behind closed doors in my mind.

h/t Elite Daily