I'm Not One To Advocate For Child Abuse, But These Thieving Kids In Rio Need A Beatdown

Before we get started here, there’s a chance that this video is actually from a few months ago and not during the Olympics. As we’ve seen with Pardon My Take tricking everybody into thinking the Filipino dive team fails were from this year, the internet always forces you to stay on your toes and be wary of getting duped. But regardless of if this video is from just a few days ago or a few months ago, the sentiment remains the same. These little bastards need to get their ass beat and they need to be put through the ground immediately.

Obviously there’s a fine line we have to walk here. It’s actually more like the 4-inch balance beam than a fine line since they are Brazilian and I don’t know if there are any child abuse laws in Rio. But a line nonetheless. We don’t want to openly advocate for beating the shit out of children, but when they’re pulling stunts like this? Well maybe it’s time to declare an open season on these fools. They think that they can walk around all willy nilly and get away with this stuff scot-free under the assumption that nobody will hit a child. Well it’s time to flip the script. Maybe send a few hockey players down to Rio to set the tone. You want to steal somebody’s iPhone in broad daylight? Well you better damn well earn it. No more free rides for these bastards. No more working under the protective shield of being a child and therefore off limits to get your ass beat by adults.

P.S. – Love the kid toward the end who jacked the phone from the bus and then immediately gave it back. Must have realized it was an Android and that he wouldn’t be able to get anything for it.