Trump Suggests 2nd Amendment Supporters Can Stop Hilary Clinton From Picking Judges, Wink Wink


Say what you want about Donald Trump but he is an absolute master of saying something while having deniability that he ever said it.

Twitter is going nuts right now because Trump said the following:

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Though the second amendment folks, maybe there is…”

Everyone on Trump’s side of the political arena will say that Trump is merely suggesting that strong supporters of the current interpretation of the Second Amendment should get out to vote to stop Hilary.

Those who hate everything about Trump will know with absolute certainty that Trump was suggesting that someone can and should shoot Clinton.

Trump just might end up proving that he could shoot someone by the end of the election and not lose voters.

All I know is that I feel horrible for the writers of House of Cards because where on earth do you go after witnessing this election cycle in real life? Good luck, Claire and Frank.