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Carmelo Anthony Believes That A Gold Medal Is Pretty Much The Same As An NBA Championship

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From Marc Stein’s piece about Olympic Melo on ESPN.com:

He’d prefer to listen to peers such as Team USA point guard Kyrie Irving, who asserted the other day that an NBA championship and a gold medal are “pretty much the same.” “I believe so,” Anthony said in support of Irving’s proclamation, insisting he finds tremendous satisfaction in his status as the only four-time Olympian in U.S. men’s basketball history … with a record third gold medal now just six wins away. “I believe so.”

Lets take a quick look at every Knicks fan on the planet after reading that quote:

Not much to love there for fans of the orange and blue. I mean I get why Melo said that. In almost every Olympic sport, winning a gold medal is THE dream of every athlete. Work your ass off for your whole life, go to a country that has no busy hosting a shit ton of people, and beat a bunch of other athletes in your niche sport. Even someone like Kyrie can say this no problem because he just won an NBA championship. Everyone says how much they love the sweater they just unwrapped on Christmas morning when the present before that was a Playstation 4.

But I don’t want to hear that kind of nonsense from Melo. It is like when Shaq jokingly used to say that he had won at every level except college and pro. Hell, Melo even won in college. As a Cuse fan, I love him. As a Knicks fan, he makes me pull my fucking hair out. The Knicks just don’t make the playoffs anymore despite being in the shitty Eastern Conference, which is almost impossible to do when you have a star player in the NBA. And while it’s impressive that Melo dominates international basktball and wins gold on some of the most stacked teams in sports history, I gotta say there is a sliiiiight difference between the two. Not quite apples to oranges. More like apples and filet mignon.

Then again, Melo is still in Olympic Melo mode. So he will probably save face from these comments by making a joke, then lead Team USA to yet another gold medal as the media sucks his dick for being the most decorated Olympic basketball player ever, followed by him curing Zika or some shit. Olympic Melo is the player and the person we all want Carmelo Anthony to be.

I can’t wait until Knicks Melo is back in my life.