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Enes Kanter Has Been Disowned By His Family Because They Claim He Has Been Hypnotized To Support The FETO Movement

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(Source) Prominent NBA player Enes Kanter, who is known for his staunch support of the Gülen Movement and its leader Fethullah Gülen, has been disowned by his family.

Kanter’s father Mehmet Kanter disowned his son for his ties with the Gülen Movement. Saying that Enes was hypnotized by the Gülenist Terror Organization [FETÖ], his father wrote: “I apologize to the Turkish people and the president for having such a son.”

Following the release of the letter, Daily Sabah reached out to Mehmet Kanter, who told Daily Sabah that he has been quite disturbed by his son’s behavior and insulting tweets directed at President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an.

Stressing that he has been educating students for almost 30 years, Kanter said: “His statements and behavior trouble our family. I told Enes that we would disown him should he not change his course. He did not care.”

The elder Kanter said he has not been able to communicate with Enes since 2015. “I would not have taken Enes to the U.S. for the basketball camp where his talent was discovered had I known that it would come to this point,” he said.

Also speaking to Daily Sabah, Mehmet Kanter’s cousin Bilal Kanter said the Kanter family does not want Enes to bear the Kanter name. “We had warned him previously about his ties with the FETÖ. We have not been able to reach out to Enes for a long time,” he said, adding that the Gülenists controlled Enes for his wealth and reputation.




Little good news, bad news situation for Enes here. Bad news, your family disowned you, you probably can never go home to Turkey and everyone you loved hates your guts. Good news, your holidays just freed up and I’m guessing you won’t have any random cousins popping up asking for a hand out.  So kind of a win in the long run right?


The interesting part of this story though is the Dad saying Enes has been hypnotized. I know this will sound fucked up but if you tell me someone has been hypnotized and is no longer acting under his own free will I just automatically believe you. Does that make me a sucker, that I believe in hypnosis and the power to control other people’s minds? Maybe. But then what if I’ve been hypnotized myself? What if we all have? Then your mind starts to wander and you realize getting hypnotized by a terrorist group isn’t all that crazy. Just saying, gun to my head I think I’m believing Enes Kanter’s dad before I believe Enes Kanter. If Enes had said his family is being held hostage and being told what to say I would have believed him but that’s not what happened. Gotta throw the first punch in a hypnosis/hostage standoff with your family, and Enes just got knocked out.





Turkey definitely strikes me as a Country where you can just take someone’s name away from them. If Enes Kanter’s Dad says Enes Kanter is no longer Enes Kanter, thats the law.