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Weed Gummies Send 19 People To The Hospital After They're Accidentally Served At A 15-Year-Old's Birthday Party

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(CNN)- Edible marijuana offered at a quinceañera celebration is suspected of sickening 19 people Saturday night in San Francisco’s Mission District, according to the city’s Department of Public Health. Preliminary lab tests showed that gummy ring candy from the party contained THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. “Anyone who attended the quinceañera and may have taken home some of the gummy rings is urged to discard them immediately,” said Dr. Tomas Aragon, health officer for the city and county of San Francisco. The 19 people were taken to the hospital Saturday with symptoms ranging from a rapid heart rate and dilated pupils to nausea, lethargy and confusion. All were released by Monday morning. Health officials are investigating the origin of the candy, including the catering company, which is from Oakland, officials said. “The question remains, where did the candies come from?” said Aragon.



Best party ever or worst party ever? It’s tempting to say best but I’m gonna go with worst. When eating weed gummies or edibles or whatever, I’m usually good with like half a bite. Half a bite and I’m good. I can find my footing and just hang out. You know what I don’t do when I see presumably weed-free gummies? I eat A THOUSAND OF THEM. I eat as many as I can get my chubby paws on. Now think about doing that and THEN finding out oh yeah those 75 gummies you just ate? Yeah they were weed gummies. Have fun! Those kids and parents and grandparents had to be higher than fucking kites. That’s why it makes sense that it sent a bunch of people to hospital. Normally hospital visits aren’t necessary when dealing with weed. But when a bunch of people who weren’t expecting to be high at all end up really really high? Yeah I’d go to the fucking hospital too. Either that or I’d strip naked and run down the street yelling Kony 2012 or some shit.