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If Tim Tebow Wants To Play Baseball I'm All In Because Rooting For Tim Tebow Is Fun

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I know what the typical reaction from this news is going to be. Are you fucking serious? Tim Tebow can’t play baseball, he can’t even throw a football blah blah blah. I get it, Tim Tebow isn’t going to be a Major League Baseball player no matter how much he prays and works out and tells the world that he’s found the secret to his swing. We all understand this, no one with a brain actually thinks this will work. But guess what, Tim Tebow is fun and believing in him even though it’s bound to fail is a ton of fun. His stubbornness to never change football positions and insist that he’s a starting QB even though he can’t hit an open receiver 10 yards down the field, that’s fun. His over the top religious beliefs in a world where science explains almost everything, that’s fun. His idea that he can wake up at 29 years old and be like oh I used to be good in little league, I’m going to go play professional baseball now, fun.


I get that there is fatigue with Tebow, but I personally don’t want him to ever stop. He’s the drunk friend that claims he can do “fill in the blank” athletic event, except Tebow actually was a really good athlete at one point in time. So let him go try to play baseball. He’ll probably go 1-20 with 16 strike outs but the story will be interesting. I’d rather have Tim Tebow in this world than not. He’s a fascinating subject. When a guy with a huge heart meets enough athletic ability to be good but not good enough to actually survive in any league,  that’s Tim Tebow. Life is about minimizing the regrets in your later years. You don’t want to be the guy that says “I could have done ___”. Well Tim Tebow is going to try to play every sport in the world to make sure those regrets are properly extinguished. Let Tim Tebow (try to) play.





Someone pointed out that liking Tim Tebow and disliking JJ Watt is hypocritical. Well not really because I think underneath JJ Watt there is a real guy, underneath Tim Tebow is just another Tim Tebow that believes in God and his awful mechanics. He’s like one of those Russian dolls. You peel back the layers on Tim Tebow and there is just a smaller crazier Tim Tebow underneath. No other explanation for basically everything he’s done post Florida career. Not to mention it’s fun to root for a guy that you know will end up failing. If Tim Tebow was the best QB in the NFL I guarantee he’d be annoying as shit, but his failures make him human.