Whoever Made The Burger King Chicken Tender Commercial Is A Terrorist


A funny thing happens in football season that is unlike any other time of the year besides maybe March Madness. You spend so much time sitting on your couch watching sports and seeing the same commercials over and over again that you start to notice little things that really piss you off. And that’s happened with this new Burger King commercial. I probably saw it 10,000 times yesterday and every time I got angrier and angrier. Why? Because who the FUCK eats a chicken tender like this.





What is this bullshit? No one bites a tender in the middle like its an actual wing. That’s the craziest thing I have ever seen. Not to mention Burger King basically just poured buffalo sauce on some tenders and said they were new. Everything about it makes me angry. And I know that’s a little ridiculous to get upset over a commercial but this is bullshit, if you eat a tender like this you’re a terrorist, plain and simple.


Rick must have a 2 inch penis.