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Bob Odenkirk Repping These 'Better Call Saul' Minor League Baseball Uniforms Is A GREAT Look

Slick Jimmy McGill you magnificent bastard you! Always snaking your way to an advantage one way or another. And yes, having Bob Odenkirk’s mug planted on the front of a uniform is an advantage for the Albuquerque Isotopes. How are you supposed to pick up the seams of a curveball when Saul Goodman’s giant forehead is staring down your rights? You can’t. If anything it needs more America on the front and back like SG’s commercials. That shirt should be POPPIN with fireworks, the Constitution, and Lady Liberty. The more fake Patriotism the better for guys like Saul.

By far the best move by a minor league baseball squad named the Isotopes since they gave Dancin’ Homer the cape and platform he rightfully deserved. Dammit I miss that show when it was good. But if Albuquerque rocks the Better Saul song during this game then it might beat out Baby Elephant Walk. This jam is still fire.

PS – Did you know Bob Odenkirk was responsible for the creation of Chris Farley’s Matt Foley while they were at Second City? Well there ya go.