The Couple That Drops Acid And Builds IKEA Furniture Together, Stays Together



Yep that’s a great idea. Because you know what IKEA furniture needs? Yet another hurdle for it to be impossible. Putting furniture together is nearly impossible when you’re stone cold sober without a trace of narcotics in your blood stream. So it’s only natural to drop a little acid and attempt to put together some drawers. I’m impressed it only took them 4 hours. That’s gotta be the world record (assuming they’re not the only people who have taken acid and tried this which they absolutely are the only people). I’ve smoked weed and not been able to complete much simpler tasks than that. Me taking LSD + IKEA = it would take me three days and there’s a 97% chance I just kill myself two hours in cause I’m so frustrated. OR you know the part where the dude was just staring out the window? It’d be all that.  Fuck IKEA. Fuck these tasks. I’m just gonna stare out this window and say, “It’s just there” over and over and over again. Seems like a better use of LSD.




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