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KHL Player Damir Ryspayev Goes Absolute Hammer Time On Anyone And Everyone On The Ice And Bench

First of all, no need to adjust your volume, there is none. Believe me, I tried 3 different times. But second of all, golly what a maniac that guy is huh? He was going to fight every person he could get in contact with, whether they wanted to fight or not. I mean, we’ve all been mad before, but I’ve never been “Damir Ryspayev” mad.

What I don’t get is how the other team just let this happen. They pretty much just stood around and let Rsypayev bully the shit out of them. He was going to drop each and every player like a fly and then take on the entire bench. Have some self respect, other team. He’s out there literally murdering your guys, someone has to bring this guy down. It says a lot that Ryspayev felt comfortable enough to jump onto the bench to take care of more business without worrying about his ass getting whooped. Word out of Russia is he will be suspended, and there is further word the Bruins are looking to trade a 3rd round pick for him.