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The Guy Who Punched The Charleston Shooter In Prison Just Got Released After Somebody Paid His Bond

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — The man who authorities say attacked accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof in a jail shower is out on $100,000 bond. Charleston County jail records show 26-year-old Dwayne Stafford was released after posting bond Friday night, more than 18 months after he was arrested on first-degree assault and strong armed robbery charges. The records do not show who paid Stafford’s bond. Authorities say Stafford ran down the steps from his cell Thursday morning and attacked Roof after his cell door was not locked as it was supposed to be. The jail is doing an internal investigation. Roof’s face and back were bruised. He refused to press charges against Stafford. Roof, who is white, is charged with killing nine black churchgoers in June 2015. Stafford is black.




Listen, I may be be naive Midwestern kid from the middle of nowhere but even I know this shit doesn’t just happen. I mostly know this because I watch TV shows like OZ and Sons of Anarchy and right now I’m watching The Night Of where shit like this happens constantly. Guards on the payroll just letting the inmates run the place. Quotes from that article like “The records do not show who paid Stafford’s bond” and “his cell door was not locked as it was supposed to be” and “The jail is doing an internal investigation” are all laugh out loud funny. Suuuuuuuuure. I’m sure. I’m sure the dude who gunned down 9 black people just so happened to get punched by a dude whose cell was accidentally unlocked. I’m not against it by the way. Anybody who shoots 9 innocent people in a damn church deserves all the punches to the face. I just like how “wink wink” all of it is. Then the guy’s bond is magically paid and he’s out. I NEED to know who paid his bond. That’s the real story here.


PS- No way Dylann Roof makes it to 2017. Mark it down.