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Dario Saric Snuffs Pau Gasol At The Buzzer As Croatia Upsets Spain

To be real, the Homie Dario was pretty absent for a lot of the Spain-Croatia barn burner. He didn’t exactly look like a playmaker from the wing. He missed all four threes that he took. He only managed five points. But Dario came up huge at the death, extending the MJ-Space-Jam-arm and swatting Pau Gasol’s would-be tying turnaround.


And while Dario didn’t exactly look explosive on the offensive end, he proved to be a solid rebounder and a slick passer, evidenced by this Kevin Love-esque outlet pass.

And the behind the back low post action.

Saric honestly looked more comfortable playing from the block, which might dash some people’s dream lineup hopes of slotting him at the three. Luckily the Sixers don’t have any big bodies blocking Saric’s road to seeing playing time at the 4/5.

The game featured exclusively 5 on 5 white guy action, which gave the game a very UW-Oshkosh vs Wisconsin Lutheran vibe. Not a complaint though, because that vibe allowed Saric to be the top rim protector in the game, and allowed fellow new Sixer Sergio Rodriguez to be the flashiest player on the court.

Sergio logged 10 points and seven assists, he outplayed Ricky Rubio, and the announcers compared him to Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. And honestly, is there a greater love than for a new player who has never played for your team before? Just imagining the passing possibilities between Rodriguez, Saric and Simmons has me frothing at the gash. Who even needs to score the freaking ball? This is the 21st century, the most tenable currency is clearly Twitter videos of behind the back passes.

Meanwhile, it looks like POTUS has the hots for Ben Simmons.

If it turns out that Obama pushed his whole gay marriage agenda just so he could forcibly propose to Ben Simmons, well, it might be worth all the hullabaloo. An Australian marrying a Kenyan would certainly give an international flare to things.


So, take it with a grain of sand, i.e. take it as gospel. Getting Obama in the ownership suite would really put a damper on Michael Jordan and Vivek Ranadive’s smugness about being the only minority majority owners in the league.

Until the coup can happen, Sixers fans are stuck mining through the Olympics for a semblance of meaningful basketball. Thankfully, Dario gave us a taste of that Sunday night.