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Irish Boxer Trolls Rory McIlroy From The Olympics With A Picture Of Caroline Wozniacki

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The upside of skipping the Olympics? No Zika and no poop water. The downside? An Irish boxer might snap a picture with your ex-fiancee and troll you all the way from Rio. I think Rory still comes out ahead on this but that right there is a sucker punch from the rafters. You could say it’s been years since Rory and Wozniacki were engaged and that Rory is engaged to the lovely Erica Stoll now so it won’t matter. But anybody with an ex-girlfriend knows that shit still stings even years later. Rory will laugh it off but deep down in a place Rory can’t talk about publicly, that shit hurts. And if you don’t think Caroline spite-fucked Paddy in Olympic village to get back at Rory you’re crazy. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.



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Hey Paddy