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It Went Down At The Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Concert In Camden Last Night

I’m sure that by now, given all the context clues, you were able to gather that “it went down” is in reference to the railing. But it’s Saturday morning and I’m sure some of your brains are mush at the moment so I figured I’d just clarify that for you real quick. Pretty crazy series of events that took place at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden last night. One moment you’re having a great time at the greatest safe haven for underage drinking and drug consumption. The next moment you’re doing a reverse stage dive and stuck under a pile of 70 sweaty dicks stacked on top of you. Usually you have to pay extra for that type of action but as the old saying goes, “when in Camden, do as the Camdenites do”.

It looks like around 40 people were actually a little injured last night so that sucks. But all in all, I’d rather get taken away from that concert in an ambulance with a few bumps and bruises than in a cop car or even worse, having to actually wait for that goddamn ferry back to Philly. Basically got a VIP trip out of the concert and all they had to pay was a scratch on the head or two. Also–love how Snoop and Wiz just peaced out as soon as the railing collapsed. Like “nope, fuck this shit, white people actin all crazy. We’re out”. Kind of best case scenario for them really given that nobody died.