Iowa State Wins Big 12 Championship


So this Iowa State team is pretty fucking good, huh?  Bringing home its first Big 12 title since guys named Tinsley and Fizer roamed around Ames.  Big props to them.  Down by as many as 10 (twice) in the first half they just kept chipping away.  They didn’t get their first lead until the 2nd half.  And I don’t know how Geroge Niang does it with his chubby frame and 6 inch vertical but he’s crafty as fuck in the paint.  Just clearing out that 7 footer from Baylor and getting bucket after bucket.  Not to mention the crowd in Kansas City tonight was BANANAS tonight.  Hard to tell on TV but it looked about 80/20 ISU fans.  No fans travel better than Iowa/Iowa State fans.  Speaking of Iowa and Iowa State, these teams couldn’t be in more different places right now.  Cyclones are playing their best basketball of the year and the Hawks are playing their worst.  No team should want to play this Cyclone team in the tournament.  They’re gonna be stupid dangerous.  And yeah, I still hate Iowa State but winning a conference championship is nothing to sneeze at.  Congrats to them.  Fred Hoiiberg has something special going on with this team.