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If You Pass Out Around Gilbert Arenas, He Will Pour Food All Over You And Post It On Snapchat

I don’t feel bad for this passed out guy one bit. If you are friends with Gilbert Arenas or at least have a house that he can easily break into, you deserve anything that happens to you. Being friends with No Chill Gil is like becoming friends with a heroin addict. You brought that evil upon yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, putting food or stacking stuff on your passed out friend was always a fun thing to do in your 20s. But I think once you reach your 30s, you have to move onto new ways to fuck with your friends. Or else we would be giving each other wet willies and tabletops into our 70s with you having to say “safety” every time you fart. But Gilbert Arenas doesn’t give a fuck about growing up. No Chill Gil is the black Peter Pan. If you have chosen to have you as his friend, you deserve to have your big ass floured and roasted. And pull up you goddamn pants, man. It’s hard enough to go viral as a passed out fat guy on the internet. Have some goddamn respect for yourself. Especially around a guy that clearly does not give two fucks what he says on Snapchat.