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I Could Watch These Three Old Grannies Smoke Weed All Damn Day


They got me. Whoever made that video got me. Old grannies + smoking weed for the first time = Trent watching every single time. That’s just a fact. I’mp pretty sure its been done before but I’ll still always watch. I could’ve used a little more footage from their post-smoke session. It looked like they smoked a good amount and it would’ve been cool to see them float around Amsterdam for awhile but that’s fine. Watching an old bag of bones roll a joint and then rip from a bong was good enough. You can’t help but feel bad for those old fucks. You heard the one say she’d never smoked weed before cause she thought only criminals smoked weed. We should all feel lucky that we’re living during a time when weed is becoming more and more acceptable. At least those grannies got at least one smoke sesh in before they shove off into the dark abyss. If I was old and retired I would do nothing but smoke weed all damn day. That’s the life.



PS- Those little old ladies knew how to smoke weed better than a 45-year-old man