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Comedian Writes An Episode Of Seinfeld Set Right After 9/11 And It Is Hilarious

Absolutely hysterical. I feel like the word brilliant gets thrown around too much but this is brilliant. From the idea in general – how would the cast of Seinfeld handle 9/11 – right down to the execution. Every story line (Elaine’s boyfriend dying in the attack, George faking being a hero that saved a woman, Kramer being friends with Mohammad Atta, Jerry not wanting to eat the sandwich covered in dust) is EXACTLY like an episode of Seinfeld. Elaine being happy the dude died so she didnt have to break up with him and then upset when she found out he was alive is incredible. I need the cast to come out of retirement for this one episode only, thats how good it is.

And listen I’m sure some people might be upset by this. I can see where this might be considered offensive. Eventually everything is fair game to be joked about, but nobody really knows with 9/11. Is 15 years enough? Has enough time gone by that we can have a sense of humor about something so horrific? I dont think there’s a right answer to that. If you lost friends or family in the attacks and are pissed off at this, you have every right to be. If you just think this comes across as poor taste, I wouldnt say you’re wrong. And if you laughed your ass off and think its genius like me, I think you are allowed to feel that way. I didnt lose anyone directly but some friends and family close to me did, and I still found it hilarious. Ultimately if you’re a Seinfeld fan, even if you find it offensive, I think you can appreciate the accuracy and the execution.