Love This Alpha Tweet From Tiger Woods


Love it. That’s an alpha tweet. That’s a GOAT tweet. Holed up on the couch with your little kids running circles around you, having sword fights with your crutches, haven’t golfed in a year, haven’t sniffed a major in 8 years, but still reminding everyone you’re the best. Main sponsor that paid me a billion dollars’ equipment biz is going under but remember that one time I won all the majors?

Best part is he never technically won the Grand Slam. He won the Tiger Slam. All the same to me but hilarious he just calls it the Grand Slam now. Respect the shit out of that. Can’t wait ’til this savage is back ?r?i?p?p?i?n?g? ?i?t? ?u?p? ?o?n? ?T?o?u?r? withdrawing from tournaments with injuries.