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Wisconsin College Bias Team Investigated Three Chicks For "Three Blind Mice" Costumes, Says They Mocked The Disabled

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Heat StreetA University “Bias Incident Team” took a carving knife to three students’ “three blind mice” Halloween costumes last fall, saying the costumes mocked the disabled.

The incident took place at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, according to records reviewed exclusively by Heat Street. The offending students had posted pictures of themselves in costume on Facebook.

The documents,which Heat Street obtained under open records laws, reveal that a member of the Bias Incident Team reported the students herself: “There was concern about their choice as it makes fun of a disability,” says the team’s meeting minutes.

The Bias Incident Team decided to follow up directly with the costume wearers, noting that “this incident is being considered a personnel issue in Residence Life” because the students were also staffers.

Three Blind Mice! Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Seriously how have we not just cancelled Halloween yet? Has anyone had a single fun time with Halloween in the past 3-4 years or does it just exist to get people in trouble and shamed on Twitter?

Glad the Bias Team got to combine their powers and investigate a real hot issue like this. To swoop in and describe the costumes in detail to any potential blind people on campus with the sole purpose of telling them how offended they should be by it. I mean that’s what happened – the blind people can’t see the costumes. That’s not being rude that’s just literally what blindness is by definition.

Also imagine if we had a Barstool Bias Team investigating us? Poor Kevin would have been sitting on death row awaiting an IV full of a lethal cocktail of drugs for like 6 years by now.

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For Sure NOT. Being blind is for the fuckin birds. If I was blind I don’t think I’d be able to find my own dick let alone raise another living human. I have the gift of sight right now and I still couldn’t raise one. And while I’m sure Erika and her husband have overcome all the odds and they can work the microwave and tie their shoes and shit like that, bottom line is if you can’t tell whether or not you are smothering your child with your tits, you can’t be a mom. She could be sitting there like Billy from Dumb and Dumber. “Pretty bird. Yes, can you say pretty bird? Pretty bird, yeah pretty bird… Polly want a cracker?” Meanwhile your baby is passed out because your nips are up his nostrils.

How the fuck would this kid ever get anywhere? How the fuck do blind people in general get anywhere? How do they know when to get out of the elevator? How about a revolving door? How do you find food in the grocery store? And riding around one of those seeing eye dogs is cheating. Just too much shit that they can’t do. Sorry, no kids for you.

PS – Best part about this horribly cruel blog is that these people could never even read it. So its like it doesn’t even count against me. Like it never even happened. Jokes on you blind people. The deafs are laughing all the way to the bank. They might not realize they are laughing out loud, but they are.

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