Am I Supposed To Be Impressed That Over 1,000 Robots Broke The World Record For Synchronized Dancing?

Telegraph – Bizarre footage has emerged of more than 1,000 robots performing a synchronised dance routine in China.  

1,040 robots, each just under 44 centimeters in height, started their synchronized dance routine in Qingdao city. Of them, 1,007 finished the challenge, setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous robot dance.

Kind of funny how much synchronized robot dancing looks like this…


And this…


But sure. Robots toooootally aren’t planning a takeover of the world anytime soon or anything like that. For the love of fucking God, people. How many times do we have to go over this? How much longer are we going to continue building these little shits before we realize that we essentially invented the downfall of humanity. Sure, it’s all fun and games when they’re just dancing. But we’ve all seen the movie Small Soldiers before (Team Gorgonites Over Everything). We know what can happen as soon as you strap an AR-15 to these robots. One minute you have yourself a dance team, the next moment you have an army ready to destroy anything and anyone with a heart beat. And I guess it would make sense that the Asians are now doing everything they can to speed up this process. The population over there is out of control and they could definitely afford to lose a few million people on account of robot-on-human crime. But where does it end? How do we prevent that from getting out of hand? Maybe just stick to the killing yourself for failing a math test version of population control instead.

Even with how much I hate these robots and every single robot that ever existed, I’m a man who is willing to give credit where credit is due. And this move came straight from the depths of the Electric Factory.


Gotta practice this one before the weekend gets going for sure.

P.S. – a little Throwback Thursday action for ya here. Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary that Philadelphia saved the world (again) and killed HitchBOT.



I’ll forever stand by my claim that HitchBOT needed to be taken out. Because if there’s one person or thing out there that needed to be put 6 feet under, it’s this son of a bitch right here. HitchBOT. What a fucking stupid idea. A hitchhiking robot from CANADA who was trying to travel coast to coast in the United States? Yeah get the hell out of here with that shit, Canada. You bunch of over-polite, moose-banging weirdos. I’m not a huge conspiracy guy but I can guarantee you HitchBOT had bad news written all over him. Oh, let’s just let a robot from a foreign nation come into our country and travel all over the place gathering all sorts of top secret information for the Canadians to use against us. Sounds like a real swell plan, you guys.