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Here's A Little Iowa Football Hype Video To Get You Pumped For College Football


Let’s gooooooooooooooo. Just a little something something to wet your beak. Even if you don’t give a shit about Iowa football (which you should, remember 12-0? Forget the Rose Bowl plz) it’s still a reminder that college football is oh so close. That’s something every person can get excited about. We’re talking less than a month before we’re back in the swing of burning 16 hours every Saturday watching college football. Which means we get to wake up super early and start grilling meats. We also get to drink before 9am and it’s socially acceptable. You can’t beat that. Not to mention it leads us right into sweatshirt weather which is absolutely the greatest time of year.


What do I think about Iowa football this year? I’m nervous because there’s expectations and Iowa never ever does well when there’s expectations. We were supposed to go 6-6 last year and we almost made it into the Final Four. That’s the power of zero expectations. This year, everybody is saying the Hawkeyes are the favorite to win the West (which they should) and might even go 12-0 again (they won’t). So that makes me think this is the year they’ll go 6-6 and be a major disappointment. I have my guard up. That’s what I’m saying. A healthy CJ Beathard is back and so is Desmond King so that’s a pretty good start. I’m just concerned.