Clint Frazier Just Asked Out Jen Selter On Twitter

I just decided who my favorite baseball player is. It’s the Ginger Hammer himself, Clint Frazier. I mean this is JR Smith-esque.

For years we had Derek Jeter running around town with model after model but complained when we never could figure out what or who he was doing. With the New Era of Yankee baseball, the game has totally changed. Instead of making Gerald Williams go over to a girl like Jeter did, Clint just puts it all out on the line. No need to play it cool. Bring the fight to her. These are Instagram models we’re talking about here so why not take it to social media?

Haters will say this is a tacky move or hit Clint with the “bold strategy cotton” but if there is one thing I’ve learned about gingers recently, it’s they don’t give a care. This approach is perfect in a situation like this because in a year or so, Frazier could be one of the biggest players in the game. In that same time frame where is Selter’s career going? To be totally honest I had forgotten about her so this is really a terrific opportunity for her.

Since Clint is a new Stoolie and a big part of the future of the Yankees, I’m asking that you all help him. Please tweet at Jen that she should go out with Clint using #SelterFrazierDate. This is good for him, this is good for her and most importantly this is good for Yankee fans. If he is pulling this move from Scranton imagine what he will pull in actual pinstripes. Clint is a wild card and we need Jen to tame him before he is loose on the New York City streets.

PS: Here’s a bunch of pictures of Selter but after they start dating it’s disrespectful to look at these.