Does Dodging Yoga Balls In Practice Win Super Bowls? We Will Find Out With The 2016 Chicago Bears


Quick question. Anyone else’s team able to dodge yoga balls while throwing rockets downfield? Didn’t think so. Bears are backer than back. 9-7 for sure. FOR SURE.


And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Alshon get hurt with some minor muscle strain for the 10,000th practice in a row? Well yes he did. But let me introduce you to the next Bear legend. Move over Tom Waddle, Dane Sanzenbacher, and those 2 weeks in 2002 when everyone thought Vinny Sutherland was going to be something, Daniel Braverman is here and ready to break every white guy superlative ever.


Heart? Love it. As big as Secretariats.



Vague description that avoids calling him super talented? Uhhh ya think. He makes plays.


Reliable and tough? Ha! Next question.


Still worried about Alshon? Next man up my friends, next man up.