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ISIS Now Posting Pictures Of Their Soldiers Holding Kittens In An Attempt Soften Their Image

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The Independent- Isis has published a photo showing one of its fighters cradling a kitten and images of honeybees in an apparent attempt to soften its image and attract new recruits. Alongside the terrorist group’s routine threats of new attacks on the West and its enemies in Syria and Iraq, the latest issue of Dabiq magazine seems to take a more nuanced approach in its efforts to entice followers. A piece entitled “Contemplate the Creation”, credited to a fighter named Abul-Harith ath-Thaghri, contained his supposed musings while on guard duty in Syria. The article claims a cat approached the militant and, after considering “whether or not I was an aggressive or compassionate soul”, jumped in his lap.




And just like that, ISIS jumps the shark. What a bunch of fucking sell outs. I don’t respect a damn thing about these mother fuckers but at least they owned up to being pieces of shit. At least they literally stuck to their guns and caused havoc wherever they could but this? Posing for pictures with kittens to soften their image in order to appeal to recruits? Pandering with the lowest from of internet currency? That’s what we like to call desperation and it’s sad. Not to mention it’s the wrong branding move entirely. I’m not exactly up to date regarding what’s #OnBrand for a group of terrorists but I can’t imagine potential ISIS recruits are looking to join a warm and cuddly terrorist organization. They wanna be part of take no prisoners, talk shit, get bombed terrorist organization. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. In the words of Jimmy McNulty, “I had such fucking hopes for us.” But then ISIS goes and becomes like every Tom, Dick and Harry terrorist group from here to Fallujah. Sad!