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The Black Cloud, Team Cancer Brandon Marshall Strikes Again! Punts A Football Because He Was Frustrated The Jets Were Practicing Poorly! GASP!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.22.40 PM

Well this is it. This is the last straw. How are the Jets and their fans suppose to support a top 5 receiver notching 14 TDs and 1,500 yards in exchange for one 5th round pick when he’s PUNTING FOOTBALLS AT PRACTICE! Get him out of here, man. Too much of Black Cloud. Too much of a team cancer.

Idiots. Bears fans so desperate for Brandon Marshall to fail that they’ve decided absolutely every move he makes is the beginning of the end. “This is how it starts” they say. When not one single thing they have freaked out about has been even remotely detrimental to this team. Not one thing they are nitpicking has slowed this team down one iota. Everyone says that things with the Dolphins and Bears went south so why will it not for the Jets? Oh, I dunno, maybe it was because when he was playing for Dolphins he didnt have control over his mental disorder? And I dunno, maybe the shitty coaching and apathetic quarterback situations in Chicago had an effect on him? Brandon Marshall is older, wiser, more in control, and believe it or not, in a better quarterback and coaching situation with the Jets. If anyone else punts a ball because they’re frustrated the team is practicing poorly, its a veteran move sending a message to his team and motivating them. Brandon Marshall does it and its another thing to add to the list about how terrible he is even though none of it has harmed the Jets in anyway.

Ive said it a thousand times but as long as people are going to nitpick I’m going to have to keep saying it. At some point Brandon Marshall will do something childish and detrimental to the team. It would be silly to completely ignore some of his past actions. With a brutal schedule to start the season, if a few L’s start piling up, some frustration will set in and thats the time you need to worry about a guy doing something stupid. When that day comes, the Jets will deal with it. Nobody will really care as much as people in Chicago and Miami did because the Jets got B Marsh for absolutely nothing. It was already a successful trade even if he melts down from here on out. The Jets have already won with Marshall. But they will deal with it when it comes. Until then, stop making mountains out of molehills. Stop picking apart every single action and quote of his trying to make it fit your rhetoric. Stop trying to justify letting a top 5 wide receiver go for absolutely nothing.