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Leonardo Dicaprio Scares Jonah Hill On The Street Pretending To Be A Fan

I fucking love the Jonah Hill/Dicaprio tag team. They are the best duo out there. If I could third wheel it with any two guys in the world, it would be then. Instead Dan and I are stuck with Portnoy. Smh.

Anyway these two dudes just seem to crush absolutely everything about life. They make awesome movies, plow smoke chicks, and still seem like your normal, average guys. Leo is skinny fat, Jonah is pretty much fat fat. They arent some girly boy Hollywood nancies. Busting each others balls and fucking with each other like regular dudes would. They probably had a good laugh about this little prank, went and smoked some weed and banged some super models, and then sat down with Scorsese or someone to start working on their next Oscar winning movie. Just the very definition of crushing life. These guys do it right.

PS – Leo’s ability to pull off the Kangol hat is maybe his most impressive accomplishment of all