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Fuck This Guy For Stripping On A Crowded Subway Train And Shoving His Asshole In People's Faces

Listen, I can live with beggars on the subway. I don’t love seeing them, but it’s all in the game. You ride a mass transit system that can take you all over the city for less than $3, there will be tradeoffs. But that compassion only goes to decrepit poor people or people that can break out some incredible dance moves or singing voices. It most CERTAINLY does not apply to some bootleg version of Party Boy from Jackass.

So while alll true New Yorkers have perfected the one hundred yard stare when on the subway and are usually able to ignore anything, even the most gristled veteran of the city will not be able to ignore a guy just popping his asshole all over your face in the name of entertainment. In fact, when I read a story about how a guy in a thong was murdered while performing on the subway, I won’t be surprised. I won’t even bat an eyelash. Hell, I may even call the district court and see what I have to do to get on the jury and make sure I let the killer walk. This may be the Summer of Weirdos, but this guy does not fit into that category. He is a charter member in the the Summer of Dickheads category.