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A Turkish Protestor Decided To Protest With A Noose Around His Neck And Almost Accidentally Hanged Himself

Goddammit Turkey, do something right for me one time. The name of your country is patently ridiculous (CC: Georgia) and you just had the lamest military coup of all time. The phrase “Coup d’état” is probably the greatest phrase humans have ever created and you left a black mark on it with that massive failure of an attempt. Now we learn that even your protestors stink. If you have a noose around your neck as you protest, you better be prepared to go Full Olly and pay the iron price. And you can tell this dude wanted to no part of that life death. You know how I know this? Because I’ve seen this face before.

All I am asking is for you to be better, Turkey. Start with the whole name thing and go from there. And once that is set, make sure your protests don’t end up looking like a When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong segment from Chappelle’s Show. You also can try to spin this off as a publicity stunt in order to get picked up by the press, but I imagine 99% of Barstool readers have no fucking clue one word that guy just said. So joke’s still on you, Turkey. Again, be better.

*And if by some off chance you are a PETA protester that is reading this blog, please disregard everything I just said and give a fake hanging it the ol’ college try.